Monday, July 17, 2017

Mi primer bautismo en Malpaisillo

Well this past week was a really good week.

Last Monday when I was writing the fam, I started getting a fever and it got progressively worse throughout the night. We went to a dinner appointment where they gave us pizza, but at that point I was sick to my stomach as well, so I just kind of chilled in a hammock while my comp ate pizza. It was sad cuz pizza doesn't come along too much in a dinner appointment. usually it is just rice and beans.

On Tuesday we went to Leon for district meeting. I was feeling a bit better that day. I think the sickness just came from changing from the cold climate in Jalapa and Somoto to the really hot climate here in Leon. The district meeting was good.

On Sunday we had a priesthood meeting in Leon. So all of the men here in Malpaisillo were invited. We took advantage of the trip and the bus that we had for the trip and we took our investigator Yarelkis (19 years old) to get baptized there as well. Normally we baptize in here in Malpaisillo in a swimming pool. But the girl wanted to be baptized in the Stake Center. So we went.

It was a really good baptism! All went smoothly. I accidentally left my white baptismal pants in Somoto so I had to borrow some. And they were super tight on my waist, but they did their job,

Stay awesome,

-Elder Taylor

Yarelki's Baptism​​

Yarelki's Baptism​​

My team playing soccer today in Leon​​

In front of the sign for Malpaisillo

In front of the sign for Malpaisillo

My last Sunday at church in Somoto

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