Monday, May 29, 2017

At times when I say that I am now in Somoto I feel like its kind of crazy, but here I am. Somoto is a really pretty place. A bit hotter than Jalapa, but I'm getting used to it.

This week was crazy, I got here on Monday and on Tuesday we had our district meeting. We don't have any hermanas in our district and we are only 6 of us, but all of the people here are good. I'm enjoying myself here.

On Wednesday, it rained so hard. One of the strongest rains I've seen here. Within 5 mins of the rain starting, the streets were flooded. We were lucky enough to have some random dude let us into his house while it passed. After it passed we had to go to the other side of town, but there are rivers that run through town and so it was hard to get to the other side. But we made it once we found a small bridge to cross.

We have one member here that has met and hugged President Monson. She got baptized 2 weeks ago. She works with young girls that have abuse and many problems at home. And one way she can help them is with English classes. So on Saturday Elder Asplund and I taught English to these girls (ages 8-12) . It was kind of fun.

On Sunday we had 19 people at church with 4 investigators. (3 of which are these girls that we taught English) But is a good branch.

Till next week,

-Elder Taylor

Elder Aslpund and me
The flooded street​

Here is a video of a Fly that does Backflips!

Pics y videos de Jalapa

A nice view on top of a hill in Jalapa

Stormy Ocotal

 3 of my converts playing on a swing that we made

Baptisms of Kelly and Linda

The sister that make or Lunch every day (Mamiki)

Video of an Inchworm

Monday, May 22, 2017

Adios Jalapa!

Well, after 6 months in Jalapa, I left from there today at 3am :( But I am still close to there. I am in a city called Somoto. It is pretty cool. A bit warmer than Jalapa. But it should be a good change.

My new companion is Elder Asplund from Seattle, Washington. He came to the mission the same day as I did. He is my first comp from the United States. It should be fun, he seems like a good guy!

But before leaving Jalapa, we had 2 more baptisms.(Pics next week) We baptized 2 hermanas that are super awesome. We found them at a place that we eat at a lot. They are and were super ready for baptism. Their names are Kelly and Linda. They are sisters.

On Thursday, we were supposed to go to Ocotal so they could do the baptismal interviews for Kelly and Linda. But they are fixing the bridges that cross the rivers to Ocotal right now and with the rain, the river got really big and we could not pass. So we had to turn back to Jalapa. It was kind of funny. And we were 3/4th of the way there.

Well, I'll send pics of all the good happening next week, but stay awesome and don't be afraid to send me a message or an email some day!

-Elder Taylor

Monday, May 15, 2017

2 Baptisms and a Call Home

Well, this past week was a really good week! First of all we were able to have 2 baptisms! 1 for an hermana that I have been teaching since January. We baptized her daughter in February and this week she finally felt ready to take the step of baptism! On Friday she told us that she wasn't going to do it, but after a good spiritual lesson with her, she felt ready and her doubts were resolved. Her name is Eneyda.

The other baptism was a man that was pretty much a member. He has gone to church every week since I've been in Jalapa. We thought that he was baptized over 20 years ago, so we wanted to ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood. But when we looked for his records, they didn't appear. So we had to baptize him so he has  record and can receive the priesthood. He is pretty awesome. His name is Orlando.

On Sunday at church we had 27 people which is really good with a lot of recent converts there as well. Then after church we went to the river to baptize Eneyda and Orlando.

After the baptisms we went to lunch and then to call the family for mothers day! It was pretty awesome.

After the call home, we went to visit a recent convert named Daysi. While talking with her, it started to rain really hard with thunder and lightning, when all of the sudden all of the lights go out in all of Jalapa. So we finished there, and when there is a blackout here it is kind of dangerous, so Elder Ruiz and I ran home which was a 20 minute walk or like 5 mins running in the pouring rain in a blackout. It was actually pretty fun, and a good story for later in life!

Well, that's all for this week,

-Elder Taylor

Me, Eneyda, Orlando, Elder Ruiz at the baptism

A little puppy named Pantera (Panther)

Jalapa at 4:45am
A plantain more than double the size of my hand!

A couple of videos First of a parrot and the second of a puppy

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rainy and Hot

Well, winter has finally hit Jalapa again,(that's right, I was here for all of summer). And that means a lot of rain and its still a bit hotter than usual. So it got pretty humid this week. But we still worked hard even with the heat.

This Saturday we should have a baptism of an Hermana that has been preparing for a long time for baptism. She finally feels ready and wants to take this step of baptism. Her daughter was baptized with me and Elder Alvarez in February. So it is a good thing!

And on Sunday is mothers day, so I will get to talk to the fam!!

A short letter but hopefully the next one comes with baptism pics!

-Elder Taylor

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Decent Week

This last week was pretty good. Elder Ruiz had to take it easy because he had surgery on his toe last week. But we still got a bit done. (He is all good now) We were in Ocotal on Tuesday for the weekly meeting and then we came back to Jalapa that afternoon. And cuz Elder Ruiz couldn't walk, we played Monopoly! That was pretty fun. (too bad I didn't get a pic)

On Wednesday we went to Esteli for the Multi-zone conference. I got to see Elder Alvarez again and a few other mission friends there. Oh and we woke up at 3 am to get there on time.

 On Sunday we had 18 people at church (A little low) but we have some good new investigators. So all is good here.

 Till Next week.
-- Elder Taylor

Me riding in the back of the mission nurse's car on the way to the hospital for Elder Ruiz's toe

A mouse that we caught in our house

An average street in Jalapa

My favorite lunch - guallo pinto, tajadas (fried plantains), churrizo, and the bottle is full of chile
(it is like a juice of vinegar, chile peppers, and onions. It is spicy and tasty. Almost everywhere has one)