Monday, December 25, 2017

Pics of Navidad, Burning My 18 Months Pants and Service at the Zoo

Merry Christmas!​

(It says 18 months on the pants)

Service that we did at the zoo here on Tuesday!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Un Nuevo Compañero de Costa Rica

Well fam and friends, this past week was actually pretty awesome. But also sadly the last week with Elder Perry. Transfers are today and Elder Perry left and I am now with Elder Chinchilla from Costa Rica. It should be a good time together, and he also speaks English, so we can talk in both languages.

On Tuesday we went to Chinandega for our Christmas party. It was fun. We got there and the first thing that we did was play soccer and volleyball. We had a tournament between the 3 zones that were there. It was between Leon, Chinandega, And Chinandega West. We took 1st place in the soccer tourny and 2nd in the volleyball tourny and they even gave us a trophy for getting 1st place! We had a turkey lunch, and a talent show. It was good times indeed.

On Wednesday we went to one of our investigators named Jose. And we talked to him a little bit and then he told us that he wants to get baptized on the 30th of this month! We were super pumped to hear that! He is really awesome. I hope that he can get baptized that day.

We watched the movie of the restaration with our recent converts and they really liked it alot.

All is well here for the time being and hopefully it will keep on staying awesome!

Till Christmas,​

-Elder Taylor

Monday, December 11, 2017

Almost a Jungly Chirstmas

This week was fun. We got a lot of work done and got some new investigators. We have some that are really close to baptism. This week is changes as well so I may have a new companion for Christmas. I'll let you know next week.

This week was really fun because it was a huge Holiday in Nicaragua. But even more so in my area, cuz my area is in the center of the Catholics here. And it was a catholic holiday. All day Thursday they were blowing off fireworks. From 5am on Thursday to 2am Friday they were doing fireworks. It was a madhouse. We went to the center of all the action to just have the experience. We went to the cathedral to do that. It was fun, and there was a light show. And afterwards, everyone went to houses that had alters to Mary and Asked for candies. Kind of like Halloween.

On Friday, nobody had to work, so everyone went to the beach to have some fun. So we didn't get that much done. That day.

We have an investigator named Jose that is really awesome and will hopefully get baptized soon!

Stay awesome!

-Elder Taylor

These are from the HUGE Catholic celebration called the Purizima

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Letter for Eagle Cliff Ward

Sorry its a bit late, but here you have it!

My name is Elder Lukas Taylor and I am currently serving in the Nicaragua Managua North Mission. I have just about 18 months here to be on the mission. And I am having a great time!

I have had many great experiences so far on my mission. I have been through alot of heat. (RIght now is summer here and its around 100° every day now) And I have also been through alot of rain, mud, and chased and bit by a few dogs. But everything is really awesome for me!

I would like to share an experience that has helped me a lot in the mission so far. I was in an area called Jalapa. This area is about 30 minutes away from Honduras. This area was smaller than a branch. When I got there in December of 2016 this area had less than a year of having missionaries. When I got there, the area was very very new. There were only 10 members in the whole area. And of those 10 only 5 were active. And so there was a lot of work to be done.

My companion and I went out trying our best to get new people to go to church. We worked all day contacting new people, and working with the 10 members in the area. It was actually really hard work. But the thing that was really cool for me was when we showed up to a majority of the people, they always let us into their homes and listened to our message. Many times these people had never even heard of the church. Not even the name "Mormons." With time we had 1 baptism in the area. And when Janurary came around, we still only had 10 to 15 people at church.

In January of this year, we had transfers and I got a new Companion. His name was Elder Alvarez. He and I worked well together and we could really get to know our investigators and all the people there alot better. When Februrary rolled around we started seeing the miricals and the fruits of our labors. We were able to baptize 10 people in that month. And the other companionship in this area as well could baptize 6 as well. 

But the best part was, that all of these people we were helping, all got testimonies of the church and stayed faithful. By the end of Februrary we got the assistance from 10 to 37 people, and we could feel the joy of the work. We can still see our fruits growing as this area is close to being a branch now. And we hope that Jalapa can keep on growing.

The Nicaraguan people area very humble and really willing to follow the Lord and do what is asked of them. That is a great trait that I have learned from them.

I know that this church is true and that if we choose the right we will be blessed. And I also know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and was Translated by Joseph Smith. I am greatful to be a missionary and know that every effort is worth it. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the snow for me!

In the Name of Jesus Christ...
-Elder Taylor

Monday, December 4, 2017

Pretty Solid Week

This week Elder Perry and I worked really hard so we could have success.

We found a lot of new people this week that are really positive that we hope can baptize before this year ends. We had 100 people at church and we almost had a baptism but we had to postpone it till this week. And hopefully if all goes well we could baptize 2 teens as well that are really awesome.

On Friday night, we made American food for the bishops family. We made mac&cheese and pb&js. They had never eaten those foods, so we made it for them. And they seemed to enjoy it!

We are working hard and having a good time here in Leon. We are gonna keep it up!

I'll have lots of pics next week! TTYL!

-Elder Taylor

Monday, November 27, 2017

Un Bautismo Milagroso

This past week was really good! We worked hard and the results showed.

On Tuesday we went to Lesly's house to make sure that she was ready for her baptism on Saturday and she said that she was, and her aunt who was also preparing for baptism told us that she would like to get baptized with her niece. So we told her that she can. And we got them both ready for this past Saturday.

We worked with them all week and we could help them get ready for Saturday. When the day came we went to go get them in their house to take them to the church, but we found them on the way there in a taxi. They were excited for the big day! I got to baptize both of them. The little girl Lesley was scared of the water and water getting in her ears, so we bought earplugs for her. And when she came out of the water she said, "Water didn't get in my ears!" and was really happy. And they got confirmed on Sunday at church.

All is going well here in the jungle. We didn't do anything for Thanksgiving, mainly just cuz it's not celebrated here. We did eat Subway though.

Till next week!
Pics to come!!!

-Elder Taylor

Monday, November 20, 2017

We Went To Chinandega

This past week was good, We had a lot of good visits and we have good people getting ready for baptism.

On Wednesday we went to Chinandega for a multi-zone. We left at 5:30am. We ate a good breakfast and got there in time for it to start. I got to see a lot of old comps(5)  and mission friends. So all was good in the hood. 

Elder Perry found out that for school he will be going home in March, so he will be going home a few months earlier than me. He seems excited for that news.

We had a lot of people that wanted to give us food this week. I was literally full for the entire week. But now I am just satisfied. Not full or hungry, just in the right place.

We had a girl that should have gotten baptized this past week, but she got sick, so this week we should have a baptism. She really seems happy to do it. Her name is Lesly.

That is about it. Thanksgiving is this week, but they don't celebrate it here, so life won't really change for me.

And no pics till next week, this computer doesn't want to download them.

-Elder Taylor