Thursday, May 24, 2018

2 years down, 0 to go

Well Family and friends. This will be my last letter that  I will be sending. I made it home yesterday back to Sandy Utah! I have finished my 2 years as a missionary and now starts the new life.

In Nicaragua there was a lot of civil unrest so they have taken a lot of the missionaries that were serving in Nicaragua out of the country. But I only had 2 weeks left in the mission anyways, so they gave me an honorable release. From our mission they sent home 37 missionaries from the civil unrest. So now I am home!

The mission was AWESOME! And I learned alot of things and i could help alot of people!

Stay frosty, and I will see most of you soon!

For the last time...

- Elder Taylor

Elder Zavala carrying Elder Chanax across a mud puddle

Me saying Good Bye to Hermana Ofelia's family

The Airport in Puerto

Missionaries "Releasing" Me

Monday, May 14, 2018

El Plan De Salvacion

This last week was a fun week. We gave been planning for about a month now a missionary activity that is based around the Plan of Salvation. We went in a bus to get all the people to go. We went all out and decorated the church with the 3 Kingdoms of Glory and we did a scenario where everyone died on an airplane and they had to see the 3 places that they could go to if they live in different ways. It was a good activity. Everyone had a good time.

On Tuesday President Poncio came to Puerto Cabezas and we had my last zone conference of the Mission. And to celebrate our success from April he took us all to a fancy restaurant and we ate Shrimp and Lobster. it was really tasty! 

We spoke on the radio on Friday. It was Elder Zavala's First time on the radio. He enjoyed himself. He had never thought to speak on the radio before.

Yesterday we got to talk to our families. It was fun talking to them. Even thought I will see them in 3 weeks in person! Time is going fast and there isn't much time left! 

Today for p-day we went to the Pier that in in Puerto and we pretty much took pics. It was a wired activity but something new.

Till next week!
-Elder Taylor

Me with a Brazilian with our Brazil shirts on (Elder Maciel)

From the pier

The activity that we did in the church

My Shrimp lunch

My chapel

Monday, May 7, 2018

Una semana más una semana menos

This past week was pretty good. We didn't baptize this week, but we got a lot of our recent converts to church. We had like 10 recent converts at church this week. It was fun seeing all of them there.

Elder Zavala and I get along really well. It will be good to have him as my last companion. We should have a lot of success this week. 

Not really anything new from this week. We drank a lot of cashew juice this week. It's pretty tasty. I enjoy it at least. I still eat rice and beans everyday. Play soccer on Mondays. Nothing too new.

President Poncio is flying in to Puerto Cabezas tomorrow for my last zone conference, and next week we are going to Managua to celebrate the success that we had as a mission in April. It should be fun!

See you next month pues,
Elder Taylor

Picking Cashews

Dab with Elder Zavala and the Zone Leaders

Chillin in Hammocks

Monday, April 30, 2018

My Last 5 Weeks!

Well, first off, I have new companion today! His name is Elder Zavala. He is from Honduras, Tegucigalpa! He is pretty cool. He has 3 months in the mission! And he will be my last companion! Crazy to think that the end is near.

My kid brother Isaac got his mission call this week to the Guadalajara East Mission in Mexico. So that's pretty cool as well!

Elder Aybar and I were able to baptize this week again. We baptized on thursday at 5:45pm. We baptized a young man named Alejandro. He is 18 and really cool. The day after his baptism, his girlfriend dumped him because he didnt want to break the law of chastity. And he, went to church on sunday for his confirmation in a white shirt and tie that we gave him. He is pretty cool and wants to be a missionary!

We took some pics at the beach this past week to remember the success that we had as a zone and district this month of April. As a ZONE we were able to baptize 91 people! And elder Aybar and I were able to baptize 7 of them. We are all really happy about our success. And hope to continue helping more people.

That's all for this week! Talk to all y'all's next week

-Elder Taylor

MY LAST COMPANION - Elder Zavala is his name, being a missionary is his game

Alejandro's Baptism

Monday, April 23, 2018

Semana 7 del Cambio

Well, as some of you may know, this past week there have been lots of riots in the capital of Nicaragua, so because of that, the missionaries there cant leave their houses. And this week should have been transfers, but the missionaries cant leave their houses in Managua, so transfers are not till next week and we are now in week 7 of this transfer! But the good news is, I HAVE 6 WEEKS LEFT! And I am 19 hours from the capital, all is safe and sound here!

This past week was good, we had the baptism of Adonis. He is a cool kid. We found him one day at his grandma's house. She lives in the furthest part of my area. We took him to church and taught him there. Then one day, his uncle told us that he had gone back to live with is mom in another part of our area. And here they don't use directions, they just told us that (El esta viviendo en una casa de madera alta, pintada azul por el muro chino) "He is living in a tall wooden blue house, by the Chinese wall" that was all we had. But last Sunday, we were walking by that area, and Adonis came running toward us, and showed us where he lived. It was kind of a miracle to find him. We talked to his mom and she gave us permission so that he could get baptized. We had his baptism on Thursday in a local pool!

We spoke on the radio on Friday and it turned out super awesome! You couldn't tune in, but it was awesome!

On Sunday, we got a call in the morning saying that we weren't going to have church because of the riots. Even though nothing was happening here in Puerto. But we called everyone and told them. Some people were angry, some were glad, and some just accepted it. But we did do a mini sacrament meeting in a members house. We used a coconut bread and ONE cup that we all passed around for the 20 people there. But it was good.

That's about all for this week!

-Elder Taylor

Adonis' baptism 

What happens when you have 10 missionaries in 1 taxi

If You Give a Monkey a Machete

Monday, April 16, 2018

Miskito Isisna!

This week was a really good week. It was hot as usual, but still good times!

We were able to baptize 2 more people this week as well! Snaider and his sister Chayneli. They are pretty chill people! They are 15 and 13! They live in front of the people that we baptized last week.

On Thursday, we were in our house getting ready and some dudes showed up and turned off out lights. And we were confused why, if we had payed the lights. So we called the owner of the house, and he went and talked to the lights people and we had lights the next day. But in the night, its too hot to sleep without a fan. So the house next door that the other missionaries live in, gave us an extension cord so that we could use their power to use the fans to sleep. Always fun times here.

We had 41 people at church yesterday as well. 
That about all from this week!

--Elder Taylor

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