Monday, July 31, 2017

A Steller Week

Well, another week gone here down here in the Jungle. It went really well I think.

On Wednesday we went to Leon with 3 members so that they could put their family history in the computer. We were there about 3 and a half hours doing that. And the members really enjoyed doing it.

On Thursday we had house inspections and interviews with President Poncio. It went really well. 

Also on Thursday, we went to Nagarote (Nah-gah-row-tay) to do baptismal interviews for 2 youngsters that were getting baptized. It went really well, but we got there around 5pm and when we got done with the interviews it was about 6:30pm and the last bus left at 6. So we stayed the night in Nagarote with Elder Smith (Las Vegas) and Elder Taulapapa (Hawaii) . We ate papusas and all was well in the world.

On Friday we were still in Nagarote and we went to the baptisms for the 2 kids that we did the intervies for. They were really excited and they woke up at 5am to get ready.
On Saturday we had an activity in the the house that we meet for church. We watched the movie Legacy that that church made about the pioneers. It went well and we got some investigators there as well.

At church yesterday we had 13 people. I gave a talk as well about keeping the commandments. I hope that they learned something from it. We had a really awesome investigator there was answering questions and really enjoyed church.

Also, this month of July as a zone we broke the record for baptisms. We baptized 37 people this month! So next week we will all go to the Mission President's house to eat some good food and hang out! I think that that record has stood for like 5 years or something like that.

And finally, tomorrow Aug 1. Marks 1 year from the day that I entered Nicaragua! 1 year outside of the ol' USA.

-Elder Taylor

An average yard in Nicaragua

An average yard in Nicaragua

An official stamp on my agenda from the Country of Nicaragua

A drink called Chia. Its like a pineapple-type drink

The chicken, that lives in my back yard, has become my friend

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