Monday, February 27, 2017

Una semana de Milagros (A Week of Miracles)

This week was a really good week! 

First off, I will be staying in Jalapa with Elder Alvarez for another 6 weeks! So that is good.

On Tuesday we went to Ocotal to have interviews with President Poncio. That was a good day.I got to see the whole zone that day. And once again on Wednesday we went to Ocotal to have zone meeting. So that made it 2 days in a row going to Ocotal.

And won't you know it, We went to Ocotal again on Thursday. This time with an investigator. She got married on Saturday and needed her birth certificate. So we went with her and her 2 kids to get that.

After 18 hours of buses in 3 days, we finally stayed in Jalapa on Friday through today!

On Friday we had 2 baptisms! We were teaching 2 investigators for a about 2 months and they finally got baptized. And it helps that they are friends. When we got back from the baptisms we had pig foot soup!

On Saturday we had the wedding for a family that got baptized on Sunday.

Sunday, we had church. We had a record number of people there of 32! That is really good for Jalapa! And then after church we all went to the River to baptize. (RIO LINDO [Beautiful River]) We baptized 3 people and the other missionaries here baptized 2 as well. With 1 from the ward! It was a really good day. 

This transfer we had 10 baptisms! That is the new record for the zone here. 

And finally today, when I went to get my hair cut. The guy cutting my hair also cut my ear! He just asked me if I felt it. And I said yes and then he had to stop the bleeding before he could continue. It was kind of funny .

- Elder Taylor

Us (with Elders Carlisle and Vaidez) celebrating baptisms Friday night eating pizza at the best pizza place in Jalapa - Pizza Giormar - 24 pieces of pizza,bread sticks and a 3 liter of Pepsi for 570 cordobas or 20 dollars

Elder Alvarez and me

A crazy niño

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jalapa FUEGO!!!!

This week was a pretty good one. 

On Tuesday we went to Managua to hear Elder Rasband of the 12 Apostles speak to us. We had him and 3 other members of the 70 that preside over Central America there. It was pretty cool. He was there to talk to the president of Nicaragua. Elder Rasband doesn't speak Spanish so he had translators to help him. It was cool to understand both languages.

Then on Saturday we had a baptism for a sister Named Sonia. She was really excited to finally get to be baptized. She wanted a lot of people there, so we did what we could and got a lot of people to watch the baptism and support her. It was a good day.

This week we could have as many as 7 baptisms. But we will try hard to get them.

-Elder Taylor

"Goats in Nicaragua"

Sonia's Baptism

Making pupusas (A traditional dish from El Salvador)

Crown Burger Hat!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birthday Baptism

This week was pretty awesome!

On Tuesday I had my birthday. (On Monday I bought a birthday tie) I first went to Ocotal for a Zone meeting and then when we got back around 4pm we went to go to Ramon's baptism! We finally had good weather, so we could baptize him. It was cool to have a baptism on my birthday! Then after the baptism we went to my first birthday dinner of Rabbit with fried tortillas and beans! It was really tasty. (It's funny because I was playing with that rabbit the week before!) Then we went to my second birthday dinner. Where after eating, they egged me. (A tradition in Central America) It was a good birthday!

On Wednesday was the first day in the mission where I felt like I needed a jacket. It was raining all day and super windy. It probably only got to like 60, but I was really cold all day!

On Sunday we went to church and had 26 people there! And then after church we went to baptize three cousins. Milton, Bryan and Raquelle. It was really awesome to baptize them after teaching them for 2 months! 

Tomorrow we are going to Managua to listen to Elder Rasband speak, so that should be fun.

Talk to you next week!
Elder Taylor

The baptism of  cousins Milton, Bryan and Raquelle
Ramon's baptism!


Just a lizard that I found

Goats chillin' in the road

Monday, February 6, 2017


It seems like time is going by fast now, we are already in February! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas!

This week we tried to have the Baptism of Ramon just about every day! But it rained every day this week. And since we baptize in a river, its kind of miserable to be outside when its raining. even for a baptism. So we are planning on the baptism for tomorrow. We also have 4 more baptisms this Sunday! That will make it 5 baptism this week! (If all goes to plan)

Tomorrow I will be 19 years old! That is kind of crazy to think, but rad at the same time.

I'll send some good pics and reports of happenings next week!

Flashback to Haciendo San Jacinto in my first transfer

The cyber that I am writing in today