Monday, September 25, 2017

6 weeks more in Malpaisillo

Over the weekend we had 3 baptisms. And we had transfers. I will be staying 6 weeks more in Malpaisillo with the same Companion Elder Ramos.
Till Next week

-Elder Taylor

Hours and hours of missionary work!

Bean Soup (sopa de frijoles) it has like eggs, and bell peppers and things like that

Cool Sunglasses courtesy of Pink Eye

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Week Long Nicaraguan Party

This past week was quite interesting.

On Tuesday we has district meeting in Leon. Our phone had been having problems so we got sent a new one by Hna. and Elder Bell the senior missionaries of the mission. And they gave me my first Rice Krispy Treat in over a year, so all was well in the world.
On Wednesday, Nicaragua was celebrating Independence day. And one of the traditions is to have all of the students do a celebration March. All of the schools in Malpaisillo, (and in Nicaragua) had all of their students get dressed up and join the celebration. There were bands and a whole bunch of stuff. I am gonna try to send a video to show how it was.
And later that night the party started. And it didn't end till last night at 4am. It was crazy.
We had planned 3 baptisms for this past week as well. But on Thursday night, one of the girls that was supposed to get baptized with her mom and sister got sick. She has leukemia and when she got sick it got bad really quick, so they went to Managua to get better medical treatment. They still haven't come back from Managua, so we will just have to pray and hope that they come back soon.
At church, we only had 11 people. But this week we are gonna work hard to get a lot of people to church. 
Next week are transfers. I think that I will stay here at least 1 more transfer with Elder Ramos. But we will see how it goes.

Till next week!

-Elder Taylor


Monday, September 11, 2017

How many Nicas does It take to find a fork?

The answer is 3. You need 3 Nicas to find a fork. Just in case you were wondering.

This week as pretty good. We had district meeting in Leon on Wednesday. It was pretty good. After the meeting, Elder Sevilla (who was my 2nd comp, but now is my district leader) came with Elder Herrera and us to Malpaisillo to do baptismal interviews for 3 people that are now ready for baptism. We played a little bit of baseball with a few kids after lunch. And the 3 people passed the interviews and will be getting baptized this week!

On Thursday Malpaisillo was celebrating 81 of years of existence. It was a giant 3 day birthday party! The party actually started on Friday, and lasted till Sunday. Every night there was music blasting in all parts of the city till 4am. It was crazy, and there were so many people out in the streets celebrating. It was a good event and I think that the people here had a good time.

On Friday we the AP Elder Campbell (who was my Zl in Jalapa) work with us all day. In place of the interviews that we usually do each change, we worked with a leader. So we got Elder Campbell with us all day. It went pretty well. Nothing out of the ordinary. He bought us ice cream so all is well.

On Sunday we had 16 people at church. A little less than last week, but still a good turn out for this area. The high dude that usually comes from Leon to lead the meeting came late. So it was back to the Jalapa days and I got to lead the meeting and preside. I also led the hymns again and taught Gospel Principles. It was pretty good.
That is all from this week. We should have another week long party this week cuz Nicaragua is celebrating its birthday this week as well. So I will keep you updated on how it goes

-Elder Taylor

 A breakfast that I had once upon a time. A drink called Cacao that is like chocolate milk. And a food called Sponch

Monday, September 4, 2017

Kittens in Nicaragua

This week was full of kittens. On Wednesday we went to the far away part of our area called San Poncho. It is like 40 minutes walking to get there. We have a family of members there, so we go like once a week. On the way back we were kind of tired of walking, so we took a sit on the side of a bridge. While sitting there, we heard the mewing of tiny cats. We looked down in the dry river bed and there were 3 kittens there just chillin. We took them out of the river bed and we took them to the lady that has a lot of cats. Of the 3 that we saved 1 has been adopted. The other 2 are there to stay it seems like. They are named Maylor and Marge. They are pretty cool.

On Saturday night we were visiting when the same lady that has a lot of cats called us and told her that one of her cats was giving birth. So we headed over to see. the cat has 3 kittens. (she says that she will give them all away) There are 2 black and 1 orange one. 

On Sunday we wanted to have at least 20 people at church. So we left early to get the people ready to go. We walked to church with with a family of a mom and her 3 daughters. They are 11, 9, and 6. While we were waiting outside for them to get ready for church, the 6 year old named Juanita, she was sweeping the leaves from in front of the house. And when she had to go put on a dress she said " sorry I must go and get changed, excuse me" (But in Spanish) It was pretty funny. She speaks like she is way older than 6 years old.

At church the whole stake presidency was there, which never happens. But it was good cuz we met our goal of 20 people at church with 22 people. And we had 8 investigators at church as well. There was also a really old dude that was almost dead like 2 months ago that made it to church for the first time in 3 months now that he is healthy. It was a good week at church. I even led the music.

That is all for this week, peace!

-Elder Taylor

 The kittens and us on the way back from San Poncho

Monday, August 28, 2017

Elote Loco!!!

This past week was pretty good. We have started to get a lot more investigators. They all seem positive, but they don't really want to make the effort to go to church. Hopefully soon they will start going to church.

Yesterday (Sunday) was stake conference for all of the members in Leon NIcaragua and its surrounding cities. We were supposed to leave on a bus that came from Momotombo to pick us up at 8:30am to go to Leon. But the bus came late so like 8 people went home. And most were investigators! So we ended up just going 5 of us.  And that stake conference was easily the most boring meeting in my entire life! Even more boring than when I didn't understand any Spanish at the start of my misson. Everyone was bored that they just started talking and we couldn't really hear the speaker after a bit. But I guess I lived.

On Saturday, the day went well, and we had some good lesson. But when we got home that night at like 9:30, a members 10 year old son called us and told us to hurry over to give his mom a blessing cuz she was really sick. So we went over, and apparently she had like a mini heart attack, and it was just her and her son. She was in really bad shape when we showed up. We gave her a quick blessing and she could start to look better immediately. She stopped shaking, crying, and mostly hurting. It was a cool experience to see the priesthood working that quickly. The next day she was up and living normal life. it's like it never even happened.

On Friday we went to visit a family that we had been teaching for a few weeks. A mom and her 17 year old son. But when we showed up, the mom was really sad. We asked her why and she said that her son died the day before from a heart attack. (There are surprisingly a lot of heart attacks here)  So we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her. She seemed a bit happier after that.

Also, on Friday we ate Elote loco, or crazy corn. It is corn on the cob with cheese, butter, ranch, BBQ, and Mayo. It is really really good. But when we were talking with the dude that made them, I told him that I wanted chile, cuz I always want chile now a days. But this dude put SO MUCH CHILE! It was burning my mouth and my lips. I managed to eat all of it though.

On Thursday we were in the house getting ready to leave and this random number called us and when we answered, it was a member from Leon. She told us that the wife of her son (a member) wants to start taking the lessons from us after being married for 2.5 years. We were really happy, cuz she is cool, just has always been catholic. When we went to teach her, her mom passed by (she is super catholic) and started yelling at her that she is catholic and that we are of the devil and a whole bunch of stuff. The daughter started crying, and went over to her mom and let her have it. It was cool. Hopefully she can be a strong member some day.

On Wednesday we went to Chinandega for the Multi-zone meeting. It went well, but on the way back it was the strongest thunderstorm I have seen. The night was lit up just by straight lightning. We almost missed the last bus back to our area that night. But we caught it right as it was leaving!

That is about it, crazy week. but it was good.

Till next week.

-Elder Taylor

The Elote Loco

Me sending a text on our phone

Me with a turtle that lives in a fountain in the park

How they get air out of ears here (that is a cigarette)

The garbage bag that we put on the street to get picked up each week

 A week old puppy

Monday, August 21, 2017

Malpaisillo Week 7

Well after I wrote last week, we went to go meet some of the members here so my comp (Elder Ramos) could meet them on his first day in the area. Well, It turns out that it was pretty hard to find anyone in their house. It was the celebration of the Virgin Mary here, and so everyone was out in the streets. For this celebration, people go to houses that have an alter to the Virgin Mary and sing a song and people give them candy and food and what not. It's kind of like Halloween, but for Catholics. We went to an investigator's house and they gave us dinner out of the blue. So we didn't have to buy dinner that night. We ate ground beef sandwiches with orange juice. That is a first for me.

On Thursday we went to Leon for district meeting. In the zone we got 3 new missionaries. 2 hermanas from Honduras and 1 from Utah, but he lived in Spain for like 10 years so he speaks Spanish already. Only my companion left in the district so it was pretty much the same. Then afterwards we went to the Center and we went to the store to buy some food for the week. It was a pretty good day.

On Friday, Elder Ramos got sick and couldnt work. So we pretty much just chilled all day while he slept. Pretty boring day. But he is better now.

On Saturday night we had the strongest storm I have ever seen. It was a pretty toasty day to start out, but around 7pm, it started to rain. And luckly we got inside to our dinner appointment, cuz about 10 mins later it started a huge thunderstorm and the power went out and  the lightning made it impossible to have a conversation, and the rain was pounding on the metal roof and we had to wait out the storm. When it had passed, my comp and I went back to the house and we got wet up to our shins in water. It was pretty fun actually.

On Sunday we passed for a bunch of investigators of which pretty much all said they would show up to church. We were hoping for a good turn out, but only 1 of the 20 or so that said they would come showed up. But that 1 that did show up finally showed up after 5 months of inviting her to church. Her dad is a member and was really happy to see her there. We ended up having 17 at church. Which is the best turn out I've had in this area.
And today for pday we went to Leon and played soccer and ate Mcdonalds. While leaving this dude is like, "Do you want to see the eclipse?", and we said sure. So he gives us this Lense and we could look up at the sun and see that the moon was indeed covering the sun. And no it did not get darker here or anything like that. If anything, It got hotter during the eclipse.

Till Next week,
-Elder Taylor

"Welcome to Malpaisillo​"

Chillin At Mcdonalds Today​

Us in a wheat field before an incoming storm​

Me and Elder Ramos during the Blackout (with Flash)​
Where we meet for Church​

Monday, August 14, 2017

New Comp...

This past week was decent. We found some really awesome new investigators. They are really humble and love to learn. They pray to know if things are true and always have them answered! If they can go to church, we can have them baptized soon. I really hope that they progress more. They just have to get married as well.

On Saturday we went to an Investigator's house to eat lunch. Her name is Rosa Pichardo. Her dad is a super awesome dude. And a member of the church. She made us pig soup. (See pics) It was really good.  Easily top 5 soups of my life.

On Sunday we only had 11 people at church. All of the people that said that they would go, all flaked and didnt go. Even the High Counsil rep for here didn't come for family probs. We are going to work hard this week to get all the people to church. Also, on Sunday, we got the news that my comp, Elder Espinoza would be going to Esteli and that my new comp would be Elder Ramos. He is from Tegucigalpa Honduras. He seems really chill. I think that we will get along well.

Today (Monday) I was woken up at 5am to fireworks and all sorts of bombs. Today is something called the Purizima. I'm not sure what it is called in English. (If you know, send me an email) Pretty much it's just a holiday that all of the Catholics set up alters to the Virgin Mary and tonight people will go to each alter that people have set up and will yell "what causes so much joy? The concepteion of Mary" and they will give you treats and combs and what not. It seems to me to be like Halloween, but with the Virgin Mary. But to each thier own I guess. I will fill you out on how that goes next week. It is one of the biggest holidays here.

Well, that is all I've got, I will talk to yalls next week.

-Elder Taylor

 Here is a pic of me with my new comp Elder Ramos from Tegucigalpa, Honduras
We are eating pig soup with an investigator. It was really one of the best soups I've ever had. 

It has pork on the bone, baby corn, malanga, lime, and a lot of other things that are really tasty

Our zone t-shirt after breaking the baptism record as a zone​​

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Our District at President Poncio's House​

My district in front of the Active Volcano Momotobo

Our district at President's House​

The district at Momotombo​

The district at Momotombo​

A recent convert that went out to teach with us Friday
Elder Espinoza and me making a dessert called Rellenos (Plantains and beans)​

Elder Spears and me on the way to President's house​

Volcano Momotombo​

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Steller Week

Well, another week gone here down here in the Jungle. It went really well I think.

On Wednesday we went to Leon with 3 members so that they could put their family history in the computer. We were there about 3 and a half hours doing that. And the members really enjoyed doing it.

On Thursday we had house inspections and interviews with President Poncio. It went really well. 

Also on Thursday, we went to Nagarote (Nah-gah-row-tay) to do baptismal interviews for 2 youngsters that were getting baptized. It went really well, but we got there around 5pm and when we got done with the interviews it was about 6:30pm and the last bus left at 6. So we stayed the night in Nagarote with Elder Smith (Las Vegas) and Elder Taulapapa (Hawaii) . We ate papusas and all was well in the world.

On Friday we were still in Nagarote and we went to the baptisms for the 2 kids that we did the intervies for. They were really excited and they woke up at 5am to get ready.
On Saturday we had an activity in the the house that we meet for church. We watched the movie Legacy that that church made about the pioneers. It went well and we got some investigators there as well.

At church yesterday we had 13 people. I gave a talk as well about keeping the commandments. I hope that they learned something from it. We had a really awesome investigator there was answering questions and really enjoyed church.

Also, this month of July as a zone we broke the record for baptisms. We baptized 37 people this month! So next week we will all go to the Mission President's house to eat some good food and hang out! I think that that record has stood for like 5 years or something like that.

And finally, tomorrow Aug 1. Marks 1 year from the day that I entered Nicaragua! 1 year outside of the ol' USA.

-Elder Taylor

An average yard in Nicaragua

An average yard in Nicaragua

An official stamp on my agenda from the Country of Nicaragua

A drink called Chia. Its like a pineapple-type drink

The chicken, that lives in my back yard, has become my friend

Monday, July 24, 2017

Super tuanis mae!

This week went by really fast. On Tuesday we had district meeting in Leon. It was pretty good and Elder Sevilla Brought his guitar and we bashed out in a mix of Spanish and English.

On Thursday I went on Divisions here in Malpaisillo with my Zone Leader Elder Wilkes. He is from Idaho. He was also my Zone Leader when I was in Cuiadelda. We came together to the mission. It rained a lot that day as well and we found some really good families as well to teach.

On Sunday we went to church. We had 14 people and people from Leon came to teach family history so in October there can be a trip to the Honduras Temple. (There isn't a temple in Nicaragua). Everyone was pretty happy. And we had a really positive investigator show up. He really enjoyed learning about the family history. Hopefully he can get baptized so he can go to the temple in October.

Stay cool.

-Elder Taylor

A house of card that I made. (The kid is the son of the lady that makes us lunch everyday)