Monday, April 24, 2017

100lbs of Bananas at 3am

Well since I last wrote, I have gone to Managua 2 times. And the first time was last Tuesday. We had reserved seats for the 3am bus. But it broke down before leaving Jalapa. So we had to leave on the 4am bus instead. We waited for the 3am bus on the side of the road, but when it didn't pass, we had to go to the bus station to wait for the bus. And one lady had a 100lb bag of bananas (cuz its Nicaragua) and so we helped her carry them to the bus station (like 100 yards away)

When we finally got on the 4am bus, all the seats were taken. So we had to stand for 5 and a half hours to Managua. But we made it. We went to a meeting for my companion, because he is new in the mission. While eating lunch there, the mission nurse came over and asked about my comp's ingrown toenail. When they went to look at it, it was infected, so we went to the hospital so they could clean it. And today we went back to the hospital so they could take care of the toenail but cutting it out. So Elder Ruiz will be on crutches all this week.

Yesterday at church we had 27 people and 2 investigators!! So we are still making progress toward being a branch!

Till next week,​​
Elder Taylor

The "Jalapeños" before the transfer

The "Jalapeños" eating Mexican food

Me with Elder Vaides when we did divisions

Monday, April 17, 2017

Jalapa toda via y un Nuevo Compañero

This last monday at like 10pm we got a call from the Ap´s saying that I had to be in Managua on tuesday. And that I had to take the 3am bus to get there in time. So thats what we did. It was a 6hr bus ride to Managua from Jalapa. But we got there. And we went to Ocotal the same day. And at like 9:30pm I finally met my new companion, Eler Ruiz.

He is from Guatemala. He doesnt speak too muck English, but he is cool and only has 2 months in the mission. I am finishing his training. The first week together was good, and we work well together.

Today we played soccer us 4 missionaries in Jalapa. There are 2 from Guatemala, 1 from Rio Brazil, and 1 from USA!!!!! We are all getting along well.

Tomorrow i will be taking the 3am bus to managua for a new missionary meeting. I let you know how it goes!
-Elder Taylor


A couple of kids where we eat lunch everyday

A toad that was in our bathroom last Monday

Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Transfer in Jalapa

On Saturday we got the call that I will be staying here in Jalapa for another transfer, and that Elder Alvarez will be going to Matagalpa. I am finishing the training of a new missionary that I am yet to meet. I will go pick him up in Ocotal tomorrow. This will be 4 transfers and 6 months here.

Sorry no pics today, but ill send some with my new comp for next week!

-Elder Taylor

Monday, April 3, 2017

Getting Hotter and Conference

This week was pretty good. We have a few people that are progressing towards baptism.

It's getting hotter every day here. It's about 90° today. And it's a little humid as well. I remember when Jalapa had the high of 80°. That was good times.

On Saturday and Sunday we had General conference. We dont have a church here, and the place that we meet is a business so, we had to rent out a cybercafe to watch it with the members and investigators. We got like 50 people there over the 2 days! That was really awesome. And the talks were really good as well.

Hopefully we can have a baptism before the end of this week, cuz tranfers are next week. So, I might be writing from another city. (A lot of people think I am going to a place called Somoto) (look it up) But I will let you know!

Peace out,
Elder Taylor

To start out Saturday morning conference

To finish Saturday morning conference

Enjoying pizza after the Priesthood session!