Monday, October 31, 2016

New Companion, New Life

This week was a really good and productive week. With a new companion, we had new possibilities in the area. We worked hard looking for new people to teach. We finished off the week with 6 new baptismal dates for our investigators. We even got old investigators to come to church. It was really good.

On Tuesday, Elder Sevilla had to go to Managua to get his ID card for Nicaragua. So we left at 6:20 in the morning to get there on time. We used a super crowded bus that was packed full of people getting on and off for work. It took forever to get there. But we ended up getting there. We didn't get back to Ciudadela until 1pm

I tried a really good new food this week as well. Its mangoes, that are soaked in a spicy chili juice with a hint of lime. It is really good. Especially because the mangoes are fresh of the vine. It was good to have a change from just rice and or beans every meal.

This week was really hot. Between 90° and 100° all week. But we always had something to do, so it didn't really bother us too much.

On Saturday, we found this little clothes store in Ciudadela. We asked about ties and she brought out a box full of them. Just 20 cordoba a tie. (70 cents) I bought 3 of them. Pics to come. They are really awesome!

This week marks 3 months in Nicaragua! Time flies when you're having fun. Also this week, Nicaragua is having presidential elections. And they say it gets kind of dangerous. Ill keep you posted.

Stay classy, and eat some Halloween candy for me (Cuz they don't have Halloween here)

-Elder Taylor

My new companion Elder Sevilla and me
A literal bunch of bananas

The crack that was in my Frisbee

Fixed Frisbee (just like new!)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Transfer Deadline 2

Well the time has come again for transfers. And this time I actually had a change. I am still in Ciudadela, but I have a new companion. Elder Sanchez left for Esteli and I am now companions with Elder Sevilla from Honduras. I Picked him up in Managua this morning at 11. After that we went back to the house to drop off his suitcases and then went to lunch at Pollo Estrella. I also found out that my companion from the MTC, Elder Perry, is a Zone leader in Managua!

Earlier in the week was good. On Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting in Managua. It was really just to let everyone know that we aren't working hard enough and that many of the missionaries have things that they need to work on. But we got Subway out of it, so that's good. 

Oh and on Monday, a friend from Mangaua of Elder Sanchez brought us Burger King! It was just a cheeseburger, but that made my day! And my week! When we went to the house to eat them, there was no power in all of the city. So we just chilled in the house all night because it was dangerous to leave the house.

This week I didn't see dry gound or normal dirt till Saturday! It rained and rained and rained some more! There was so much mud on my shoes and pants. It was crazy. But when it finally cleared up on Saturday, we played a 4 on 4 game of Ultimate Frisbee with some teens from the area. They are reall good and really fast. I think it's because of the soccer. They know where to be and when to be there. But because the ground is hard, my frisbee had a crack in it and we had to end early. I will fix it this week to continue playing. (RIP Clyve)

Also on Saturday, I reached 4 months in the mission! 4 down 20 to go!

Stay frosty

-Elder Taylor

Monday, October 17, 2016

Finally Frisbee!!!!

This was a really good week. First of all, because I got the pics that I couldn't access opened again. We went to a members house and he took off a virus (I think) and poof, I can see all of my pics again. Glamour shot to celebrate. (see pics)

On Tuesday, I was going off to an appointment​​​​​​ when this dude who was higher than a kite started asking me to teach him English for about a half hour. The ward mission leader I was with took 2 joints out of his pocket and threw them in a puddle. It was pretty funny.

On Wednesday we got some bad news, Guadelupe, who was set to finally get baptized this week, can't because she can't get married still. We were trying a loophole in the law to get her married faster, but she is too young to use it (16). So we are still waiting for her baptism.

But we did manage to have Christian's baptism on Saturday! He ended up not getting married. But he was super excited! It all went well and he was confirmed as well on Sunday.

Also on Saturday I finally got to throw the Frisbee with some dudes here. Their names are Jancer and Manuel. They are actually really good. In only 30 mins their throws were almost perfect. Elder Sanchez can't throw very well though. I guess its an American and Nica thing!

That's all for this week. Stay awesome!

-Elder Taylor

Christian's Baptism

Glamour Shot #1

Glamour Shot #2

Frisbee with Jancer and Manuel & Elder Sanchez 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Forever Strong

Hey y'alls. What new and improved? 

This was a good week in the Jungle. We were really busy all week. But our Investigator Cristian didn't get baptized because he wanted to get married first. So we think this week is the wedding and the baptism. Fingers crossed!

A funny thing that happened to me this week. I went to the pulparia to get an orange Fanta, and they give them to you in a plastic bag. Well, this bag had 2 small holes in it. So I'm waiting for my other things that I bought while this bag is leaking. There are 2 small girls that are looking at me like I'm crazy. I tried to tip the bag so it would stop leaking but then it spilled out of the straw! It got all over me. So I drank the whole thing in about 10 seconds! I was really funny. Something like out of a movie.

On Tuesday we had a meeting for the missionaries in their first 2 transfers. It was good times. And we got to eat Pizza Hut!

On Wednesday we had District Meeting. After we were done with the business like stuff a Poly Elder taught us the Hakka. I wanted to send the video but it was too big to send on this slow WiFi. I guess after the mission... But it was cool to learn.

We have a new elder in our area because of Emergency transfers. It is weird to have a new elder 3 weeks into a transfer. But he is cool I guess.

On Friday we had an activity for future missionaries of our ward. So we were working hard all week to get people there. We made invitations, and a PowerPoint. It was a lot of work. It turned out all right, and I think we helped a few kids to want to go on a mission.

Yesterday at church, there weren't many people to start out because it rained all day Saturday and it was really muddy. So Elder Sanchez and I passed the Sacrament. We only need 2 trays for the whole ward. It tool like 3 mins tops to pass to everyone.

That's all for this week. Stay frosty!

-Elder Taylor

A scorpion that I killed in our house

 My dinner the other night

Monday, October 3, 2016

When Old Men Speak

This was a good week. We really couldn't do to much, because we had to go to Loma Verde (35 mins away by bus) 4 days this week. We had Pday activities on Monday. We just had a water fight.

(I found out this week that I have passed 100 days!)- Just a side note

Then on Wednesday, we had interviews with President Poncio. It went well. The APs and the Zone leaders checked our phones and our planners for anything bad. We passed! My interview was about 5 mins. Nothing really happened. But they told us that we were going to have house inspections as well. So Elder Sanchez and I cleaned that house cleaner than I've ever seen. We finally hung our mosquito nets as well. But they changed their minds, and now we have to wait till some random day this month.

​​​​We got our money this week on Friday. So we went to the Pali and got some snacks for conference. I got some Pringles and some cookies. And for breakfast I bought some Froot Loops. I haven't had the Loops yet, but I'm super excited to dig in!

On Saturday and Sunday, we had conference in Loma Verde as well. It was all pretty good. I got to watch all but one hour in English. I watched it in the only room with AC and with 2 other gringos. It was awesome. But I missed eating a big meal after priesthood session. Just 21 more months :)

Thats about it for this week. But on Saturday we have Cristian's baptism. And as it's getting colder there. Its getting hotter here. Have a good one!

-Elder Taylor

These are from when we played Chubby Bunny a few weeks ago​

​Flashback, to the first day of the Mission.​