Monday, July 3, 2017

Made it to Leon

Well, I have made it to Leon. My adventure stared at 3:30am in Somoto. We woke up early to get the 4:40 bus to Ocotal, but it left early so I had to travel alone at 6am to Esteli for 2 hours where I met up with other missionaries going to Leon as well. We went in a tiny bus for 3 hours. We finally got to Leon about 12:00pm.

When we got there, we were close to a church building and but all of our luggage in there. And then we took a truck taxi thing and went to a giant plaza. (I forgot my camera) There is one of the worlds biggest cathedrals there. And right next store is a McDonalds. I got myself a bacon burger with fries and a coke. It was way good. And I believe better than an American McDonalds.

After lunch me and my Compañero (Elder Espinoza from Guatemala) we went to our area that is an hour away from the main place. Our area is called Malpaisillo (Mal-pie-see-yo) It is really warm here and pretty humid. But it is cool place. I can see 2 volcanos here and they are HUGE!

I hope that I can make this a good place for me. Next week I will send pics of my house and other places. 

Till next week,
Elder Taylor

This pic is of a creepy street painting in Somoto

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