Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hey Everyone!

You may have been expecting my first letter home to be on Monday but my P-day is on Saturday.

First off, I'll tell you about my companions. I actually have 2 companions. Elder Walker and Elder Perry. Elder Walker is from Cheyenne Wyoming. He really likes computers and is the first member of his family to serve a mission. He is 18 years old. Elder Perry is From Athens, Georgia. He really loves soccer and making jokes. He is 20 years old. On the first day here, Elder Perry didn't arrive until around 4:30. Both of his flights were delayed and he missed his connecting flights because of it. So Elder Walker and I were the only ones around for a while. We are all going to Nicaragua together.

The food here is really good. I think it's because all of the mission presidents and their wives are here and so are The Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency. But we never get to see them. We all eat in the gym and are not allowed into the main building till next Tuesday. The food that we have had that is worth noting- Bagels and maple bars for breakfast each day. For lunch it is usually some type of sandwich. Yesterday we actually had Subway for lunch. But it wasn't as good as it could have been because there was only lettuce, mustard, and mayo on them. Nothing like I could have made when I was working. For dinner, we have had Taco bell, and pizza. It is all pretty good food.

In class, we only speak Spanish. So far, we have learned how to teach a lesson in Spanish (and we  actually taught a lesson in Spanish yesterday). We always try to pray in Spanish as well. The more that we try to speak it, the better that we can understand what is being taught and contribute more to the lessons.

I was surprised to only have 1 email so far. But then again I have only been gone for 4 days! It seems like time here moves slower.

We have no sisters/hermanas in our district, but there are seven elders including me and my companions. There are Elders Cole(District leader), Miller, Moody, and Christenson. So far we have been getting along great.

Today we all went to the temple before it closes for 2 weeks. We got to exercise today. I played kickball and soccer. And tonight I will get to meet my new mission president, because he is here for training.

That's all I've got for this week.

Stay Frosty,
-Elder Taylor

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



I know that this is really soon. But I've only been here an hour and they are letting me write you! I know that makes Mom really happy! We found my room alright. I have 2 companions. I have only seen one, but haven't had the opportunity to talk to them yet. I don't remember their last names. 

I got a 10 lb bag of books to carry with me! I saw Coleman already. Apparently he had the same host I did! 

I just watched a little orientation video. And now I think I'm going back to class. 

My guide said that there are about 750 new missionaries today alone! The cafeteria didn't have time to make us all of the food. So I got an apple, granola bar, and chips. Thank goodness I got that MaChicken!

Well, best be off to class!
Love, Elder Taylor

P.S - I should have worn a short sleeved shirt!